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Remixing and Publishing Collections

Publishing and Remixing Collections

This section details how to publish your collection to the Lesson Planet community as well as how to save and remix collections others have created… because two minds are better than one, right?


Publishing a Collection

Publishing a collection means making it available to all the members of the Lesson Planet community. When you Publish a collection it becomes available to other members in search.

Remixing a Collection

Did you find a collection in search that you really like, but want to make a few adjustments? Just save it and make it your own!

Once you decide to save a collection from your search, go to your My Resources, select Edit under the “Actions” button on that collection, and then you will have the option to edit, reorganize, and differentiate. This is called Remixing!

1. Click on a collection in search to open the review page.

2. Click the Save button at the top left.

3. View the collection in your Curriculum Manager(My Resources) to begin remixing.

 FAQs on Remixing and Publishing

What happens when I publish a remixed collection? 

After you publish a remixed collection, it becomes available in search alongside the originally published collection. The original collector is given credit, and the remixer will be listed as you.

If I save a folder and remix it, does it affect the original collection? 

No. When you save a collection to your curriculum manager, you are making a copy of that folder. Edits and changes will not reflect in the published folder.

Why should I publish my collection? 

Depending on how you design your collection, whether it’s intended for student-facing use, for teacher-only use, or for both student-and-teacher use, you may decide it’s worth putting out there for other teachers to use. If so, you’re allowing others to use your collection as a framework for their own, and remix it to fit their own instructional needs.


Why won’t my collection publish?! 


Check the Publish Collection button on the left. If it’s not green, the collection isn’t ready yet. Hover over it to find out what’s missing.

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