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Managing My Resources

Managing My Resources and Collections

Managing the resources in your curriculum manager is easy. You can navigate from collection to collection, copy items, move resources, and more. This section outlines how to manage the resources in your Curriculum Manager.

Create a Folder

Create a new Folder/Collection straight from your Curriculum Manager by clicking on +Create a Folder. You can choose from any of the naming conventions from the Folder Type drop-down and designate the other criteria to get it ready for dragging and dropping the resources.

Upload a File

Upload a File straight to your Curriculum manager by clicking on Upload Resource.

*Note: You can access your uploads in the My Uploads folder. Any resource directly uploaded to a collection can be found here as well.



Manage all the resources you have favorited from searches in My Favorites: 

1. Click on the folder to expand it.

2. Click on any of the actions tabs to see a list of actions for a particular favorited resource:

  • Play 

  • Assign 

  • Go To Resource

  • Unfavorite

For more on favoriting, check out this article in Finding Resources


Manage all the resources you have uploaded in My Uploads:

1. Click on the folder to expand it.


2. Click on any of the actions tabs to see a list of actions for a particular uploaded resource:

  • Edit

  • Play

  • Assign

  • Publish

  • Delete

Collections and Folders

Manage all of the collections and folders you have created, saved, published, and assigned to students.

Accessing the Resources in Your Collection

  • Start by clicking on the Actions button and clicking EditA window of all the resources you have added to that collection will appear and will allow you to click on them individually to view them.


  • View Folder - Directs you to a space where you can view all the titles of the resources that are in that collection and either copy or move them to a different collection

*Note: Clicking on the arrow to the left of the title of your collection also allows you to view the titles of the resource in your collection and gives you the same capabilities as View Folder.

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