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Frequently Asked Questions About Lesson Planet

What is Lesson Planet?

Lesson Planet enables teachers to access high-quality, professionally curated educational resources and activities using intuitive search, lesson-building, and delivery tools.

Hundreds of thousands of resources― including videos, articles, ebooks, lesson plans, simulations, activities, printables and more―are easily searched and filtered by subject, grade, resource type, learning standards and keywords―to find just the right materials and resources.

Lesson Planet gives teachers the ability to create resource collections and lessons with an easy drag-and-drop builder. Collections and lessons can be:

shared with students in the classroom

assigned as homework

leveraged for small group instruction

used to prep substitute teachers & new teachers

used to support student enrichment and remediation.

How is Lesson Planet different from a general search engine like Google?

Google searches return unfiltered results based on keywords only and aren’t designed for educational purposes. Lesson Planet’s search meets the needs of teachers and students, as resources are tagged and can be searched by subject, grade level, learning standards, resource type, instructional strategy, and more.
Lesson Planet resources are curated and reviewed by trained, credentialed teachers, and can be assembled into reusable lessons with a simple drag-and-drop lesson builder and delivered to students in an intuitive slideshow-like player.
Not only can you quickly search and discover educational resources with Lesson Planet, you can also put those resources to work immediately.

How is Lesson Planet different from Teachers Pay Teachers and Pinterest?

Lesson Planet’s resources originate from a range of educational sources, including non-profit educational organizations, collaboratives, publishers, universities, museums, institutions and government collections. In addition to resources curated by the Lesson Planet team, the site includes high-quality educational resources curated by ACT and an extensive ad-free and content-free library of ad-free and comment-free educational videos.
The Lesson Planet curation team selects and reviews educational content from only reputable education sources with an eye toward rigor, quality and student engagement.
Resources are in the public domain, are unrestricted, and permit access, adaptation and reuse.

What subjects and standards does Lesson Planet include?

Lesson Planet includes resources for the core academic subjects (ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies) plus Career and Technical Education (CTE), Social Emotional Learning (SEL), STEM, project-based learning, health and wellness, physical education, visual and performing arts, and world languages.

Many resources are aligned to the Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards. For alignments to your specific state standards, learn more about our district and school version of Lesson Planet (called Learning Explorer) by contacting our Member Success team at or (888) 909-9035 (M-F 8:00-5:00pm Pacific Time).

Who reviews the Lesson Planet resources and how are they reviewed?

The Lesson Planet curation team comprises trained, credentialed K-12 teachers with extensive curriculum expertise.

The curation team evaluates each resource and provides a summary description and rating. ACT and the Boclips video library are curated by their respective highly qualified curation teams.

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